Vacuuming Tips for Moms


What happens when you want to ensure that your home is not only free from dirt but is also safe enough for the occupants of your home? Well, a brilliant suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to maintain high levels of cleaning standards each time.

For instance, this might mean overhauling your current vacuuming regime to ensure that you incorporate some of the vacuuming tips recommended below. Since the advent of the first vacuum cleaner to ever hit the consumer market, the typical feature set of some of these things has been improving and is simply amazing. In fact, we have come across a broad spectrum of upswings especially when it comes to vacuuming power, design ergonomics amongst many other exceptional features.

As a mother, cleaning the home has never been easier without the appropriate vacuum cleaner for your unique needs. While vacuuming might seem like a simple task, it does require some level of care, attention and dexterity to get the job done right. What is more remarkable is that it’s a task that can be challenging for moms who normally have tight schedules, busy workdays, and children who require parenting.


Tips to Follow


  1. Put on the appropriate gear

There is no sense in denying it, but vacuuming is a job that requires one to wear the proper gear when working. This is because the cleaning a house especially one that is filled with kids can be a demanding and messy task each time. For this reason, a good recommendation for moms would be to put on the appropriate cleaning gear such as a mask, overalls, and house shoes when working. In this way, you not only reduce the likelihood of dirt staining your favorite clothing, but you also work to maintain your health levels as well. This might especially be true if you are a parent who has several kids who are often playing both in the indoors and the outdoors such as the lawn or the backyard. The added benefit is that you can easily find the appropriate gear at local stores, home depots or even order online.


  1. Work when there is reduced house traffic

Perhaps one other important recommendation for most moms would be to ensure that you vacuum when the kids are not close, and there is reduced traffic in the house. This helps to lessen the likelihood of any inconveniences that interrupt your vacuuming sessions. In fact, the amount of traffic in any given area in the home plays an important role when determining the frequency of vacuuming that the given room may require being clean. An excellent recommendation for you at such a point would either be to clean early in the morning when the kids are sleeping or late at night before you retire to bed to sleep. Besides that, you might also want to keep your pets in their dens to ensure that they never compromise your cleaning regime at all times.


  1. Stick to a schedule

Since vacuuming is a task that takes a significant amount of time and effort, sticking to a vacuuming schedule always has its inherent benefits. In other words, you always remember to vacuum at the right such that your home is free from debris and dust that might hamper the health quality of your home. Therefore, you might want to engender a coherent scheduling the times and days of the week when you feel the most comfortable to expedite a vacuuming job. A good schedule should not only underscore the times the vacuum times during the week, but it also acts as a reminder especially if you are a busy mom. On top of that, sticking to a schedule may go a long way in reducing your procrastination levels, thereby guaranteeing that your house is always clean and in pristine condition as well.

  1. Minimize the house mess and clutter

Minimizing the mess simply refers to eliminating all the clutter and items that cover the floor after most day-to-day activities. For instance, this might involve removing the toys, clothing, and snacks that children typically drop all over the house. On top of that, it might also include the ensuring surfaces such as the table, and the seats are entirely free from debris before you can start vacuuming. In this way, you increase the longevity of your vacuuming results, whereas not cleaning surfaces that are filled with food debris and other items may just compromise your vacuuming efforts in the long run. More so, you might also want to ensure that the floor is free from any liquids or sharp objects that may hamper the overall functionality of the vacuum cleaner. If you can, it’s best to keep the house spotless on a weekly basis at least.

Choose a high-value vacuum cleaner

Another important tip worth taking into consideration is that you have to pick a high-value vacuum cleaner. The added benefits are that the consumer market is packed with a broad spectrum of buyers guides and coherent product reviews that you can use when making an informed decision for your vacuuming needs. Best of all, you can also visit Amazon websites and go through the customers’ section for additional insight into your decision-making needs. By choosing an excellent vacuum cleaner, you are in essence ensuring that you will find the ideal product for your investment needs. A top rated vacuum cleaner is highly efficient and effective when it comes to cleaning. As a mother, you want to settle for a vacuum cleaner that is simple to operate, and it has superior design ergonomics to make ideal for use even for extensive periods.

All things considered, there is barely any room for poor choice making and inadequate improvisation when it comes to the health and cleanliness standards of your home. Making the right decisions and incorporating the correct strategies as a mom into your unique cleaning regime always has its inherent benefits. Simply put, your house will always be clean at the right times, and you hardly miss to perform the scheduled cleaning job. In a sense, you are essential providing your family with a safe and clean habitat.

How To Be Frugal

Sticking to a budget can be hard. Sometimes, no matter what we do we just can’t seem to keep the cost of living as low as we need to.
Frugality is something that a lot of moms are very familiar with. Budgeting for school trips, unexpected party invitations, new clothes and other activities can be hard but it definitely can be done. With some strategic planning and resourcefulness, frugal moms can keep things in order without going without the necessities.
Whether you are new to all of this or you are somebody who has been saving for a long time, the ideas below will give you some new ideas on how to save money for you and your family.

1. Budgeting
Budgeting has to be the most important step in saving money. It sounds tedious and sometimes scary but it is essential in getting a grip on your financial situation. Do you want to save for Christmas presents or a college fund? Maybe it is a well deserved family holiday that is your aim. No matter what it is, you need to make a list of the financial goals of your family.
When you are making your budget take your monthly total income and then subtract your expenses. These may be rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance and car payments. Now you can decide on how the rest of your money will be split up. Do you want money for dining out, entertainment or extracurricular activities?


2. Sales Galore
Apps are everywhere and can offer huge savings by letting you know what the current specials are in grocery stores or even offering discounts. Most stores now have some sort of loyalty program. Be sure to join up and you will earn rewards as well as being let in on any exclusive deals on offer. Comparison websites are a great way to figure out who has the best specials on for the week.

3. Weekly Menu Planning
Planning a weekly menu can be the ultimate time and money saver for a busy mom. Check your cupboards and then make a list of what you need to make meals for the rest of the week. Make a list and stick to it! When you go shopping buy in bulk if possible as this can save money for weeks to come. Freezing meals that you have cooked at the beginning of the week will save time, money and stress for busy moms.


4. Coupons
There are sites everywhere that offer promo codes, coupons and daily deals. They cover everything from toys to clothing to pizza. Use these and enjoy the savings.

5. Home Brand
Many people shy away from buying generic products thinking that they may be of a lower quality. This is not true. Generic goods quite often are equal to their branded counterparts, offering the same quality. Cleaning products, diapers, over the counter medicines and some beauty products are good generic products that can be found. No name spices, baking powders and other dry goods as well as some dairy products offer top quality in comparison to branded products.

6. Cheap Eats
There is nothing like taking a night off and eating out occasionally. You can still save money by taking advantage of the many deals on offer by restaurants competing for your business. Chain stores everywhere offer kids eat free deals. Usually these are on Tuesdays and places such as Denny’s, Chevys. T.G.I. Fridays and Applebee’s offer these on a regular basis. Home cooking definitely saves you money and ensures that you are eating healthy but getting out and letting somebody else do it for you once in a while is a real treat.

7. Fun For Free
You don’t have to pay to get out and have fun. There are loads of free things going on in your community. Local papers and websites are a hive of information and libraries have play time and story time for the little ones to enjoy.

8. Going green
By being environmentally friendly you aren’t just protecting the planet you are saving money. Water heaters are often turned up way to high – keep them at 120 degrees and you can cut your power bill by 10 percent. Save money by taking shorter showers, 5-7 minutes is ideal. Florescent lightbulbs use 30 percent less energy than traditional ones as well as lasting longer, make the switch and you will notice a saving. Just by turning lights off when you leave a room you will cut down your energy bill.


9. Garage and Yard Sales
These places are mini gold mines. You can find everything from name brand clothing to unused cookware at a yard sale. The best time to visit is the end of the day and you may grab a real bargain as the hosts will want to get rid of anything that they have leftover.

Hope that following these tips help you live a more frugal life, letting you enjoy more e.g. funds for that holiday you’ve been dreaming of, budget for purchasing a new home appliance, and so on.